july july july, it was a lovely year

20 Jul

well hey, it’s been a while!!!!

This is definetly one of the best songs i’ve ever heard in the last 2 weeks! When i first heard it for some reason i thought it was Bjork (don’t ask me why). So fancy my surprise when i found it’s in actual fact The Joy Formidable, shocking i know, it’s not like it sounds exactly like all there other awesome stuff. So anyway, it’s incredible, they’re incredible, the album is incredible. As for you Bjork, better luck next time babe.

i don’t actually like the video though, so i would recommend averting your eyes and just concentrating on the incredible music.

To make this post longer here are some things i have learnt this week:

You can get coffee in a tea bag, or a coffee bag i guess; I dislike Catherine Zeta Jones a lot less than i first thought i did;  Apparently not making a decision is a decision, what the fuck; I’m thinking about becoming a florist; i’m not sure if i have used the right punctuation


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